Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Incredible custom paintjobs

Some may have already spotted this on another blog in their links section, as that's how I stumbled upon Johnson Arms. I have seen some really awesome paint jobs around, but I definitely haven't seen too many as detailed as this. I also absolutely love the quality of some the photos on this blog. From what I've read, they specialize in mil-sim and steam punk styles, on nerf blasters, water cannons and also airsoft (illegal here, but if you're reading from the U.S...) and you can also order custom paint jobs from Johnson Arms. I am not sure on pricing, but if you are looking for something that really stands out, this fits the part. for now, here's some pics from their blog. Also, if anyone has pics of a paintjob they've done and are particularly proud of, send them HERE. and I will try to put them up in a post as quick as i can.

Johnson Arms mil-sim Nerf Stampede

Johnson Arms mil-sim Nerf Recon


  1. You're the best, bud! I really appreciate the kind words! If anyone needs a fix, I have 250+ projects on

    There you'll also find links to FB, YouTube, etc..ya, I need a hobby from my hobby :)

  2. no worries, i love decent nerf artworks!