Thursday, September 12, 2013

Remedy Metal Longshot #2

In the last post I did say that this post would be about ignition systems for combustion powered potato cannons, but, I had to scrap that after killing my ignition system. Sometimes the modder in me takes it too far, and things backfire. Making a 12v multi-spark taser out of a 1.5v bbq ignitor was awesome... until it burned out... Oh well, lesson learned. So instead this post will cover my most recent Nerf Longshot build.

Previously, I had been working with a longshot that I'd owned for 3 or 4 years and it has it's fair share of posts here, here and here, but I recently aquired a mint Longshot, never opened up, completely stock. A rarity. I tossed back and forth whether I should just leave it alone as a collector item, but what's the fun in having a cake and only looking at it? It became the frame for a my new Longshot.

Here it is. The paintwork was inspired by a few of Brian Johnson's creations over at Johnson arms, and was my first attempt at masking. Let me tell you, there is a hell of a lot more work that goes in to a 2-tone masking paint job than you think. Ever wondered why a decent paint commissioner charges a lot of money? to do it well takes a ton of time, patience and money. I wouldn't call this a spectacular paint job on mine, but it'll be fine considering it will be used in wars and knocked around anyway.

Internally, there's the full Remedy Metal Power Train kit, and I kept the priming indicator also. The stock and some areas under the trigger bar is reinforced, and the trigger is reinforced with a bicycle spoke on each side of the pusher rod. In future I may upgrade the trigger to an Xplorer version. The spring load consists of a stock longshot spring, 6kg recon spring and 11.5kg cut and closed K26 spring, totalling 20kg all up.

Externally, there's Slydev V.2 Iron Sights and Xplorer shotgun style priming handle, allowing a good combo of rapid fire and accuracy. I prefer 12 dart mags in this as it is a good balance between capacity and free space around the blaster.

The power I get out of this is insane, I still haven't range tested but it's a safe 50m+ with an angle, or 25m+ flat with very little drop. Accuracy beyond the 25m mark starts to get a little bit hazy, but this may be the result of an inner barrel that is too short or darts that are not heavy enough.

Future mods might include a switch to a picatinny rail on top and a pair on the side of the barrel so that I can mount a scope and a laser module, increasing the ease of aiming. I don't think I will increase the spring load any further as it will start to seriously reduce the rate of priming the blaster. Enjoy, comment, leave some ideas!