Monday, June 25, 2012

NERFCORE Melbourne

I am back! Recently this blog has been on an unannounced hiatus due to a whole plethora of things going on in my life, including working overnight shifts at one of my jobs. And my word, there are some seriously interesting things that happen on overnight shifts when you're working in a quick service restaurant. Not really a story for this blog, but let's just say that one night I was witness to freakin' drug bust on the road next to where a work.

Anyway, I am back, still busy so there won't be super frequent posts, but I am here lurking. First thing I'll post about is something my attention was pointed in the direction of thanks to an anonymous comment, and that is NERFCORE Melbourne. They are leading Nerf parties based in Melbourne, aimed at adult Nerf fans over 18. The events sound pretty damn awesome, their "rumble in the jungle" event was held at Revolt Melbourne Art Space with a fully licensed bar, lights, dance floor and music as well as various prizes. I think the video pretty much explains it all. (Profanity warning, song in the video includes profanity, if you don't like profanity, turn the volume down I guess?)

I haven't seen anything like this before, so it's totally worth posting. It looks like one kickass fun time. Follow NERFCORE Melbourne on the website, Facebook page or Twitter. Times like this I wish I lived in Melbourne...