Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Limey Tactical: Tacticool Nerf gear!

Finally! pouches and vests that look cool and are designed for Nerf gear!

I stumbled across this blog selling tactical nerf gear on the Remedy Metal facebook page, they are selling custom pouches for Nerf mags and drums, tactical vests, dart holder wraps and all sorts more. Most of the gear is modular to work with the Limey Tactical vests and belts. Anyone who's gone along to a few nerf wars will know that being able to carry extra gear on field is a big advantage, but if it's not secured in a way that it doesn't impede on your movement, it's clumsy and not really worth doing (tried carrying a bunch of drum mags in a bandolier? it doesn't work.)

The page is definitely worth checking out, I'll be ordering some gear when I can and reviewing it here, but from what I can see it is of very high quality.

Limey Tactical

Edit: HAPPY BIRTHDAY STREET-TAG WARFARE! I just realised that 3 days ago, it was this blog's 2nd birthday.

I would like to say that the last 2 years running this blog, though now not as often as I used to, has been great fun, especially with getting among the Brisbane based nerfing communities for wars and sharing ideas, as well as getting to know little bits of the international community (Bazookafied of Tactical Tag - thank you for mentioning my blog every now and then! If I had the means to thank you properly I would!). I hope the next chapter of this blog features more growth and readers, because that's why I do it! to entertain you guys!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Corrections and ommissions

...Regarding the post about the Centurion. It seems there's been a mix up in Hasbro's PR team which led to MyLastDart's post having to be taken down. Unfortunately, soon after this post, I will follow suit. Not that I have any relations with Hasbro whatsoever, but I'm doing it to not be a jerk to them so that one day, this blog might actually catch their interest (and then maybe one day someone will actually send me some damn blasters to review!).

Anyway, Nerf Centurion is a blaster coming out with no confirmed details and no current "released" information.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Setups: Elite Rampage

Alright, second installment of setups is covering what I usually work with when I'm using my Rampage for speed foam warfare type Nerf wars. This setup is geared towards being able to collect ammo on the fly, high capacity and fast, accurate, rushing.

Starting at the front, there is no shield or other attachment on the side rail I have mounted. There is little point of a shield unless you want to bunker down and defend, where you can hide your body behind cover and have your face protected by the shield, but that's not for this type of strategy. This means the front end is easy to point and keeps a nice field of vision. On the top rail is a Slydev high drop iron sight kit. This serves the purpose of lining up longer range shots quickly if you need to, but retains the open field of vision that you would lose with a scope.

Moving back, and it's all about capacity. A 25 round drum gives a decent capacity to work with the slamfire capability of the Rampage, allowing you to move up and storm opposing player's positions. The clear back lets you see a rough idea of how much ammo you have without taking your eyes away from the action also. But, nothing is unlimited, so the use of the bandolier with a couple of spare 6-mags lets you quickly swap in some ammo when you need to reload the drum, and that's where the stock comes in.

The Stockade stock is light and sturdy, assists in aiming with the iron sights, and best of all has storage for 10 darts. I use this to grab and store darts quickly while behind cover before I move up again. and when the drum runs out and you swap to the 6-mags, you can pull darts from the stock and the bandolier and almost fill the 25 dart drum straight up.

Finally, the internals have been tweaked with AR removal, all moving parts greased and a slightly stronger spring, which pushes the maximum range to about 85 feet. I have had thoughts of doing a brass breech, however, I'm not sure how much gain there would be. So that wraps it up, this my personal setup for a Rampage that allows for high capacity slamfire rushing!