Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm not dead yet

To my few regular readers, I'm not dead yet. The sudden lack of posts might make it seem that way, but I'm still here. If you're wondering, I took an unannounced hiatus to get my workshop a little better set up, and while doing that, I got sidetracked with a few other hobbies. My workshop now has 400 litres worth of fish tanks in it with Australian native fish, so that took a huge chunk of time to get right. I got back in to building potato cannons and I actually have a pretty awesome combustion cannon project under way which I will post about at a later date. And finally, BMX hurt my hip pocket again to the tune of a few thousand dollars.

So there you have it. next post will probably be about ignition systems, as that is what I'm currently working on for the current cannon.