Sunday, May 6, 2012

Johnson Arms Steampunk Rifle masterpiece.

I've been following this project of Brian Johnson's for some time now, along with a whole ton of other projects, but this one really blows my mind. His work with lighting at experimenting with different things is really paying off in my opinion. This particular example is a perfect showcase of what can be done with hard work, attention to detail and one hell of a creative mind. The longer you look at it the more awesome details you see, and it's those fine details that really make this former Nerf Longshot look like a serious battle rifle that is actually powered by steam.

Anyone interested in this project or any other work of Brian Johnson's should hit and have a really good gaze in awe of all of his incredible work, and read up on the project updates. Johnson Arms does also do commissions including steampunk, mil-sim and some seriously cool sci-fi blasters.  I guess the only word to sum this post up is AWESOME.

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  1. I really appreciate the support, Rolley! This was a lot of fun to work on and I think it helped me figure out a few things for future projects!

    Sorry for the delay in responding to the the post, this week was a bit of a blur, honestly. :)